Testimonials - Galway Convention Bureau

 Having over 600 delegates from about 40 countries for a week was a large undertaking. We had tremendous feedback both during the conference and afterwards in letters and emails. Delegates clearly appreciated the scientific presentations but also remarked on the excellent tours and the Banquet with those unforgettable Riverdancers

Dr Angela Savage, Chairperson, European Carbohydrate Symposium X

Thanks to your strong support and co-operation, the Cartoon Forum proved to be a remarkable event. Your professionalism, precision and attention to details as well as your indepth knowledge and contacts in the country were all key factors in the organisation and the resulting success. Our delegates truly enjoyed their stay in the charming town of Galway, where they found excellent working conditions and opportunities to meet people from the world of animation at a European level.  No doubt they will keep this edition of the Forum in their memories for a long time.

Corinne Jenart, Director, Cartoon, European Association of Animation Film

Firstly thank you so much for all the wonderful organising for the Galway Conference.  It was an honour to be invited and to be part of it. You were most welcoming of the “stranger from far across the seas.

Dr Frank Brennan consultant in Palliative Medicine, Calvary Hospital, Sydney, Australia

The Labour Party held its 65th Party Conference, arguably our most successful Conference to date, at NUI Galway … April 2010. Over 1,000 delegates attended this major three day event…. We were so impressed with the facilities and staff that we are returning for our 2012 Conference and I really don’t think we could pay a higher compliment.

Ita McAuliffe, General Secretary, The Labour Party

If anyone would consider coming to Ireland for a conference or an event or an incentive, I would just highly recommend it because it’s just so special. You can really treat your clients to a professional work atmosphere, but also a great incentive part with the ability to play golf or to visit beautiful sites and cultural things and so it’s a perfect destination for events. This is where easy-going meets hard-working… We have done really hard work so far but we also had great times… this is the great atmosphere to have both.

Alexandra Herbrand, Agentur Imagepeople GmbH