We Need You - Meet In Galway


Benefits of becoming a Conference Ambassador

•    Free support from conferencing expert
•    Recognition from your professional colleagues.
•    Increased profile for Galway / National Association.
•    Enhanced reputation in your area of expertise.
•    Increased networking opportunities and worldwide links.
•    Increased revenue to local economy.
•    Create Awareness for local tourism.
•    Earn National and International recognition.

If you are thinking of hosting an International Conference, why not become a conference ambassador for Galway.

Conference ambassadors are influential members of professional and industry associations who can influence their home country in hosting international conferences and meetings. They may have been involved in the organising of these conferences in the past or expressed interest in doing so while attending such events abroad. Ambassadors can become a spokesperson for Galway and choose to be involved as much as they like with the event or they can leave it to the Meet in Galway team who are here to help from the very beginning and ensure that the conference is a major success.

Are you are a member of an international association and could influence which country the conference is hosted in? If so Galway Convention Bureau is available to support you in organising this conference.

Contact us here and we would be delighted to help.